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CHIC believes in the power of athletics to shape young women into confident and effective leaders on and off the court. As former Division I collegiate athletes, our coaches have competed at the highest level and understand what it takes to be a successful player and cohesive team. CHIC’s Co-Founders, Madison Lightfoot and Demi Muses moved to the Granite State, from Michigan and California respectively, to play volleyball at the University of New Hampshire. During their time with the wildcats (2012-2017), Lightfoot and Muses collectively led UNH to 4 consecutive conference championships and 4 NCAA Division I tournament appearances.  Aside from their individual accolades and championship performances, Lightfoot and Muses walked away from UNH with far more than rings. It was in Wildcat Country that these two formed an unbreakable friendship. Volleyball brought them together, taught them life lessons, and helped prepare them for life after graduation. They understand that athletics and being part of a team instills values like integrity, dedication, time management, teamwork, and execution under pressure. The sport of volleyball has given them so much and now they’re passionate about shaping female athletes into well-rounded, strong and confident young women who are ready to make their dreams a reality and thrive on and off the court. CHIC is committed to meeting athletes where they're at and elevating the level of volleyball in New England by supporting existing programs and creating opportunity for players of all ages. 



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