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CHIC Training Academy Philosophy:

CHIC believes that the lessons learned through athletics can translate into tangible skills that are valuable far beyond the court. By emphasizing confidence, heart, intensity, and communication we aim to empower young women to become well-rounded, hardworking, and effective athletes and leaders.


Confidence: Volleyball is a game of reaction, with the average rally lasting 13 seconds. There is no time for doubt and or hesitation. CHIC focuses on building confidence by creating a positive training environment, meeting each player where they are at, and providing players with a strong foundation of skills to be built on. Belief in oneself is a powerful tool that can make an immeasurable difference in a player’s performance, the outcome of a match, and how a player walks through the world.  


Heart: We believe that grit, hard work, selflessness, and refusing to give up are key to success. Training sessions are designed to push players, challenge their limits, and emphasize the power of a relentless attitude and tenacity.  



Intensity: Skills are perfected through a combination of focus, repetition, and hustle. Each player can control the amount of effort they put in and the energy they bring to each session – we expect maximum effort at CHIC training sessions.



Communication: CHIC training sessions emphasize the importance of the team. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport that requires all 6 players on the court to execute their role and support one another. We believe that clear and effective communication on the court, and off the court among teammates, is critical to the team’s success and to creating a healthy team culture.

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